..ABOUT ME.. *2017*

Hello my name is Pris the owner of I've always had a artist eye for creating my own sites since 2003.
a graphic designer of 2004. basic in web designer of 2005. I love what I do, and that passion shows in everything that I create my own copyright work. GlitteryDolls was open since 2006. It totally magical.. a girlish site full of cute sparkley** graphics for all ages. Year 2009- I am a mother of 1 blessed baby girl. 2011 cake decorating was my new exciting Hobbies in my kitchen. the best of 2016 I successful become a pastry chef. Today am a cookie designer as my love for baking and decorating. I have 2 strong careers that was meant to be so I created my own sugar world and I am currently baking and decorating custom orders which are taking my time.